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to the Compass Courtyard, where every step is a journey, and every visit is an opportunity to explore, connect, and embrace the essence of community

A Space where Creativity thrives

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Our artisan courtyard, nestled at the crossroads of history and innovation, invites you to experience a unique blend of community, culture, and connectivity. 

Join us on this journey, in our hub of live, creative, vibrant activity. We are celebrating locally produced foods and the changing seasons, fostering awareness of biodiversity, promoting active pursuits that bridge generations, and welcome your involvement

Dog Friendly

Dog bowls onsite

Free Parking

Large car park which is free to use

Cyclists Welcome

Bike rack onsite

'Come to the Compass, Paws and Reboot, Walk and Talk, And have a Hoot'

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Explore The Compass Courtyard

We mix, we stir, we create, we cook, we teach, 
we seek to nourish, we aim to re-energise,
we are resourceful, we like to re-use
we value every ingredient – and that includes you – we are a living experience


We invite you to step this way, ‘Pause and Reboot’
(Paws are welcome too)

Cafe & Bakery

The Mixing Shed Cafe
and The Loaf Tin Bakery

The Granary

Co-working space

(Coming Soon!)

Other Businesses

Clothing, Pottery, Cooking Academy, Video Production, Gym & Salon

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