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Mixing Shed

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Spring Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday • 8am – 4pm

Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays • 9am – 3:30pm


On this working farm there was a cattle yard in a courtyard, horse drawn machinery and many men, women and children from the local villages and hamlets involved in everyday workings of the farm. The Mixing Shed was where the animal feed was prepared, it was warm and sheltered from the weather.


This is the building we chose to open our café, next to the public bridleway with beautiful views across the fields. An ideal space to watch the passing sun across the southern sky and to share a refreshing drink or a wholesome meal. Good company, healthy food and a warm environment nourishes mind, body and soul.


The Mixing Shed Café is a very social space, designed to spark conversation and connection.

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Our Food

Local, Seasonal, Fresh,
Waste little, Be Mindful, Enjo


We have a passion for our work, we cook from scratch, care about the lives of our ingredients, care about the vitality of our café. Healthy Hearty food that helps us thrive. That is our focus. 

Guided by our history of farming the land around us, we create food that is sympathetic to our natural environment, and which responds to our seasonal needs. We all know how eating well can be challenging in our fast moving, processed food landscape, but we aim to be different.


Our chefs create fresh dishes that reflect an emphasis on life affirming nutritional density and good quality ingredients. Our inspiration comes from nutritionists, ancient medicinal practices and chefs who think outside the box, and we are confident that healthy tasty food can stimulate vitality, better immunity and generate a more rewarding mindset - feeling better, more satiated and happier. Our offerings are primarily simple, delicious, colourful and satisfying. 

We provide a small seasonal menu with daily changing dishes, served in a cafeteria style, so you can choose - and only pay for - the food that you want. We have communal tables and individual ones as well as an easy comfort corner if you wish to mix with others or not.


Our coffee is excellent, teas and homemade cakes are made with care, served with a large dollop of warm welcome. We are dog friendly (on leads please), cyclist friendly and have plenty of free parking.

Check out our Instagram page @themixingshed for daily postings about what is available on our menu.

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Our Localised Supply Chains and Low Waste Philosophy


Small businesses are the backbone of a thriving economy. Allowing small local businesses to thrive by buying local is a net benefit to everyone. We support East Anglian growers and food producers wherever possible, by sourcing the best whilst checking the miles that the food has travelled. It just makes sense to understand the journey that our food has undertaken before we put it into our own bodies. If our food is tired and depleted, then so will we be. 

Alongside this, we operate a low waste philosophy by attempting to eliminate any single use plastic, and by composting or recycling our waste. 

Please bring your own cups for us to refill – we will happily give you a discount if you support us by this small gesture in our campaign to reduce waste and promote a more mindful approach to our footprint on this Earth. Alternatively if you should wish to sip from our handmade pottery mugs some of which are made onsite by the Compass resident ceramicist then... well who can blame you – they are beautiful.

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